Where are WE?

So, I went to a CNY Survivor’s Network meeting this morning. As usual, I was the only woman of color — with the exception of a staff member, at the meeting.  For the last several years I have found myself “alone” in those circles.  It’s almost as if this doesn’t happen to women of color — But then I speak somewhere or do a television program and I’m bombarded by women of color telling their own version of #metoo.  So, where are we??

Is it that these places aren’t viewed as a safe space for us? We spoke of ‘accessibility’ today and that was about the hard of hearing, physically disabled… Not about us at all.  Should it be?  It never seems to me that these spaces are not open to receiving women of color.

Do we have too much shit on our plates to take the time for our own healing?  Or have we found better ways to heal? I know there are so many things that we have to deal with as black and brown women, is this not one of those things? If it’s a matter of needing ‘our’ own space, then why haven’t we created one? Are we not willing to be vulnerable? Or maybe we are afraid of being labeled as another ‘angry black woman’ if we opened up and allowed ourselves to unleash all of the hurt, pain, anger and fury that we have carried around for so long?

Whatever the case, I need my sisters to be with me in this.  I cannot heal alone and I am my sister’s keeper.

3 thoughts on “Where are WE?

  1. Reblogged this on Pursuing Me: Seeking The Blessedness in Being… and commented:
    My Sister, “Mo” has an awesome blog called Nusura, ( Survivor) – that speaks up about the ‘ silent killer’ of sexual abuse. I fully support her on her journey and applaud her bravery for speaking up on such a taboo subject. So many women of color are hurting surrounding this topic but every day they think they re alone. The lie couldn’t be more evident. My prayer is women of color (and all women) release their hurt and stop trying to play the “Superwoman” syndrome . It’s real. Take the time, heal, do some self care. And leave behind a leagacy or healed men and women. Not secrets and shame and hurt.
    Thanks Mo’ for your transparency.
    Much ❤️ love , J


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