It’s NEWS, but it’s not NEW

I’m finding it a little challenging to hear everyone’s thoughts and questions about the recent accusers of Charlie Rose, Al Franken and Roy Moore (who fervently denies being abusive).

Questions like: If it’s true, why’d they wait so long to say anything?

Statements like: Well, HE said it’s all a lie.

Thoughts like: she asked for it by going to his home, or dressing like that or… fill in the blank – there’s plenty excuses for abusers.

Bottom line – this. is. not. new.  Men have been sexually abusive since the dawn of time. Many still are.  Women have never been highly regarded in this society.  Don’t believe me?  Well, why is Donald “idiot” Trump the 45th (I would write it here if I could stomach the thought, but you know what I mean)! Exactly, the ONLY reason the 2016 election went the way that it did is because people would rather have an idiot of a man at the helm instead of a competent woman! Which is strange because every chance some men get, they want a woman around.  Oh wait, that’s right!  THat’s just for their sexual gratification… Duh me.

But this isn’t new and most women say nothing because of the very response that we are all seeing now.  He denies it – so it didn’t happen. We KNOW we will not be believed, or protected. Like, our circle will express regret and sympathy (in some cases), but fully expect you to 1)not say anything, 2) to look the other way, 3) to

understand the “reasoning” behind ‘why’ it happened (all of which somehow includes how it’s her fault.)

ADDED 12/5:

And now Matt Later… Every day there’s a different person named.  This isn’t new and it really isn’t news because everyone around these people were aware of what they were doing.  No one is THAT covert! Not over decades and dozens of women. The truth is that no one cared.  That women were meant to be sexualized and men could say and do whatever they wanted to. It’s still like that. The only difference is that women aren’t willing to remain silent any longer.  And DO NOT ASK WHY IT TOOK SO LONG TO TELL.

Kudos to all of the women who feel empowered enough today to speak up and speak out.

Keep Talking. Keep Telling. We stand with you and have our hands on your back – and NOT your backside. We hear you and we believe you because…


One thought on “It’s NEWS, but it’s not NEW

  1. Because WE are you !!!! Because our voices matter! Because regardless of who long it took us to speak up, we are! And no one can take that from us and we can’t be silenced! Every shared story helps someone too afraid to share theirs!

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