50 Ways to Kill Yourself WITHOUT taking your Life

This was originally written on April 9, 2016 at 6:06 am when I was struggling with the notion of suicide. I certainly didn’t want to kill myself – no suicide is about killing ones self.  It is about getting rid of the pain that you cannot find an exit for.  So that early morning I scribed this…

Ok so you’ve met depression, anxiety, hopelessness and despair. (But you don’t want to give in to it and the only way not to let it rule is to occupy the time, space and energy with something else.  This is what I came up with – added today)

  1. Plan out your meals for the month.
  2. Exercise. Vigorously if your body allows.
  3. Read. Read. Read. Bible is a good text
  4. Go to church. Often
  5. Meditate. Try sitting still without those thoughts.
  6. Make a list of people you need to apologize to. (helps you not feel ‘sorry’ for yourself)
  7. Apologize
  8. Delete your favorite sad shows
  9. Plan out your wardrobe for a week or more.
  10. Clean your space.
  11. Cook a healthy meal.
  12. Invite some friends over
  13. Say yes to that invitation to be around (- yuck -) people (LOLOL. not my favorite thing)
  14. Journal. Write it all down.
  15. Read your old notes. (you’ll see that you’ve been ‘here’ before and things did get better – at least for some time. which means they will get better again)
  16. Identify a fear – and go for it! (I mean if you’re gonna be willing to die anyway…)
  17. Floss, teeth and brain.
  18. Seek a therapist. And talk
  19. Look in the mirror and find 5 great things to share with yourself.
  20. Believe those things!
  21. Join a group with people you don’t know (Meet up?
  22. Read your email.
  23. Write a love letter to your old self
  24. Write a love letter to your future self
  25. Write a love letter to your present self
  26. Share your weakness with someone who can help
  27. work hard to AVOID going on Facebook – all of the ‘I”m so happy” stories on that are fake and will only serve to make you feel worse.
  28. Find someone in need
  29. Help him/her fulfill that need
  30. Sleep
  31. Pamper yourself
  32. Force laughter upon yourself – go to a comedy show
  33. Deal with the reality of what you’re feeling and know that it’s going to be okay
  34. Start writing that book that inside you
  35. make up your bed
  36. Take out the garbage
  37. Pull out your high school yearbook and look at how far you’ve come (if only just your hair!)
  38. Identify and embrace your weaknesses.
  39. Hug a child
  40. Hug another child
  41. Hug an adult
  42. Take an item that makes you smile to a shelter for families and donate it.
  43. Watch a sporting match/game and pick a team to root for
  44. Make a list of places you’d like to visit
  45. Make plans to visit ONE of those places
  46. Invite someone on your trip
  47. Buy a piece of your favorite childhood candy/treat
  48. write down the 5 funniest jokes you know
  49. Reread and/or rewrite this list until something seems very, very interesting to try
  50. Live. Greet each day with the hope that it will be a better day — one day you’ll be absolutely right!

Most of these are things that would present some challenge for me. But, so what if it helps!

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